Construction Summit Cartagena, Colombia: An amazing experience!

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October 23, 2017
The Construction Summit in Cartagena, Colombia was truly one of the Association's best business, cultural and networking events.The summit serves to create an environment to solidify business and personal relations and a platform to learn and create new paths for the Association's members. We had the opportunity to visit Azembla, a manufacturing plant with focus on pre-engineer structures as well as a line of PVC, derived doors, and fences. Participants walked away with a very good understanding of Azembla's business model and the products available for sale in the Americas and their interest in bringing their line of doors and fences to the United States. Through the various contacts, the Association is providing contacts for Azembla to reach the U.S. market.
During one of our working sessions, participants were introduced to a new concept involving project tracking that can potentially reduce conflicts and improve profitability. Several initiatives and new workshops were proposed during the summit that the Board will consider as part of the 2018 initiatives for the Association. 
We would like to thank the Summit committee and in particular, Guiomar Obregon, Carlos Sanchez and Mauricio Lancheros from Precision 2000 as they did a fantastic job sharing the beautiful culture of Colombia. We are already considering several options for the next summit, including Panama, as a potential destination in 2018. Stay tuned, as the next summit will be an event you don't want to miss!