Meet our Members: Fulcro Insurance

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April 13, 2016
Fulcro Insurance is an all lines insurance agent/broker that specializes in construction insurance and surety. 

Fulcro, the Spanish word for Fulcrum, means the support or point of rest, the center of support, one that supplies capabilities for action. That is the essence of what Fulcro does, to support and provide the capabilities required to develop optimum surety credit and insurance programs for its contractor clients.

Fulcro Insurance has been very active helping emerging to medium sized contractors grow, particularly those that work on the Diversity landscape. Fulcro's understanding of surety underwriting, and its financial and accounting requirements, allows it to successfully guide contractors through the process required to qualify for, maintain and/or  upgrade the bonding lines of credit required to bid both public and private work.  

The insurance design and placement capabilities of Fulcro's Construction Risks Practice are also an important component  of its offering to its construction clients as meeting insurance requirements in construction contracts can become a complicated undertaking.   

Fulcro Insurance currently conducts operations in the US with offices in Atlanta, Orlando, Miami and Puerto Rico and in the Dominican Republic. Visit for more information.